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Who is The BarBeQue Man™?

Larry Gerber, featuring Tie-Dye Bar-B-Que is a spokesperson for many barbeque and cooking-related products. Que, or QMAN as his gastronomic grilling BBQ fans refer to him as, appears year round with the ABC Daybreak News Team and he is also a BBQ Caterer and a personal chef. His barbecue, smoking & grilling demonstrations have aired on several television networks and Larry's Expert Advise can be heard on many radio stations nationwide during the spring, summer and fall seasons, discussing the fine art of cooking outdoors. His barbecue and food columns & articles have covered competition BBQ cook-offs, the art and business of Bar-B-Que as well as feature topics pertaining to the backyard chef and BBQ tailgate crowd. He has interviewed industry experts and has covered innovative cooking techniques as well as traditional bar-b-q concepts. Larry is known world-wide as one of the leading foremost professional outdoor cooking experts in the barbecue, grilling and smoked foods cooking fields. His company, BarBeQue Man™, Inc., also creates and develops a line of quality gourmet barbecue products which include Bar-B-Q Sauces, Marinades and Spice Rubs, and BarBeQue Man™ catering services produces some of the best barbeque available in the Midwest for corporate clients and residential parties of every kind.

Being based in the third largest media market, Chicagoland; a great number of our clients and accounts come from Chicago and the surrounding regional areas such as Rockford, Madison, Milwaukee, and the neighboring suburban areas. Back in 1998 BarBeQue Man™, Inc., extended our promotion and product endorsement services to include BBQ and food related events & issues on a per contract basis. Go back nearly thirty (30) years ago, the hardcore barbecue hobbyist and consumer, you know or maybe not, guys like us who want to cook slow and low for hours, in all weather and seasons. The genuine article, using different seasonings and exotic woods and natural charcoal, the time-honored traditional methods, the way my Papa Dave showed us how and still use today. Prior to the time Madison Avenue got wind of what we were doing it was almost like an underground network of information with a few club-like organizations and contests. Before the folks with all of the shortcuts came around, if you know what we mean! We were one of the first Bar-B-Q companies to cross-brand our products, cooperating with the print and electric media to build our name. "Experts" from the BBQ industry said our ideas wouldn't work, referred to it as "self-promotion" because they never tried to make it work for themselves and were happy with the status quo but at the same time, muttering underneath their breath or complaining to whomever would waste their time to listen, wondering why "no one knows about our products or company." We made it work that's for sure! And, now those same know-it-alls, try to duplicate what we perfected and many times inquire from us "how do you do this or that?"

Without naming the company's name, many years ago we were approached by a spice and marinade manufacturer who wanted to break their product line into the Midwestern market. We built a business relationship with them after testing and cooking with their products in every application known to man. Why? If the product is garbage we will not promote it or endorse it, we'll walk away from it! Simple! Well, this client's product line turned out to be awesome! With our knowledge, working relationships with the media and contacts we have built throughout the years this product line took off, with consumers and distributors alike.... A few years ago our client's company was sold to new owners for millions of dollars.

BarBeQue Man™, Inc., the brand was built using this very same marketing and promotional model even before we assisted our very first client, because they said, "it couldn't be done" well folks it was done! And we're still doing it! As a result, in using this model we secured long-term agreements with barbecue and food companies in Louisiana, Texas, Memphis, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Cleveland as well. On our BBQ Catering side of things many forward-thinking corporations and companies, large & small contract with us to assist them with building team work-life-balance unity for a fun casual day outdoors, and it's not your usual company picnic of hot dogs and burgers! Yeah, the employees get outdoors and learn a little something cool while they enjoy some of our great barbeque. We perform BBQ, grilling, cooking demonstrations and have some good times by covering genuine barbecue, direct-heat grilling and indirect-heat smoke-roasting instruction programs. The exact same fun topics as we teach in our comprehensive outdoor cooking classes.... We've even performed many indoor seminars for large and small sized companies as well! So you business owners, corporate Veeps or H.R. folks out there who say they want to build company moral, improve labor relations, or reward your team with its recent success and lead them with corporate spirit, instead of just "Lip Service" with the same old company line, give us a call or email us. We'll be happy to discuss a fun day for you and your employees....

A little fun trivia; Larry has been cooking outdoors since the age of seven as a member of the Scouts and is an active participant in competition barbecue contest cook-offs. He has a KCBS barbecue judge certification to his credit and you can catch Larry on nationwide TV and radio all year long talking BBQ as well.

Have you tasted, seen, or heard the BarBeQue Man™?


As Larry puts it, "this is a very important mission statement to us"…. To give our BBQ Catering clients and customers the very best value and service for their buck so they rave about our food weeks and months after their event or party. To our retailers and consumers of our gourmet Bar-B-Q products, to produce the very finest BBQ sauces, marinades and rubs money can buy! To our colleagues of the print & broadcast media, public relations, marketing and advertising firms to provide them with an outlet and service they can utilize that will assist in the meaningful job of informing and educating their viewership, subscribers, audience and consumers. And, at the same time upholding the very essence of journalistic integrity. For our clients and customers who retain our services for demonstrations and instruction, we are constantly bettering ourselves through continued education of the subject matter. In so doing we can provide cutting edge innovations and state of the art barbecue and grilling techniques as well as traditional time-honored methods that they will feel comfortable in using, in any situation, when cooking outdoors.

For information regarding our barbecue catering services, carrying our line of gourmet Bar-B-Que products, product promotion and endorsement, freelance writing & reporting assignments, or to book the BarBeQue Man™ for personal appearances and scheduling of cooking instruction programs, we can be reached by phone at (847) 361-4BBQ via Twitter @TheBarBeQueMan or click on the Blazing Fire to us.

Please note: Great Que Takes Time, It Cannot Be Rushed!™


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